Thank you for visiting my web page! As the Salt Lake County Assessor, I appreciate the support you’ve given me in the past and ask for your continued support in the general election on November 4th. On my page, you’ll find information about myself, my qualifications and experience, and my goals for the office. Under my leadership, the office will continue to improve its performance and move forward. Thanks again for visiting my web page!-Kevin Jacobs


To be a successful Assessor in a jurisdiction the size of Salt Lake County requires experience in many areas.

Kevin has the best overall experience to lead the office.

Kevin Jacobs
Salt Lake County Assessor
Chief Deputy for 2+ years
Certified Public Accountant
Motor Vehicle Division Director(Created On-the-Spot Vehicle Registration)
Fiscal & Budget Director
Responsible for valuing 347,000 parcels annually
Manages an office of 105 employees
Project manager for new County-Wide Integrated Tax System(Coming online 2015)